Chai Time

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have travelled or lived in India, you will have undoubtedly had a warming glass of chai from one of the many street vendors. 

Wherever you go, there is always a Chaiwallah to be found, selling the fragrant spiced, milky tea. 

Luckily the idea has come over to our shores, and it’s now a regular choice in most cafés. It’s not quite the same as getting one fresh from a Chaiwallah’s urn, but it’s still just the ticket when you need a warming pick-me-up.

Now there is another way for you to get your chai fix. We’ve added all the delicious spices you would find in a cup of chai (cinnamon, ginger, cardamon, star anise, black pepper, and nutmeg), to our smooth creamy fudge! Head over to our website, where you can choose it from the huge selection of fudge flavours available in our Pick and Mix box.

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An Indian chaiwallah busy making chai.
Photo by Sonaal Bangera on Unsplash

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