Introducing Good Sixty

We wanted to update you on a new development with our online fudge ordering.

As you know, we recently announced that you can order our fudges all week now.

Unfortunately we’re struggling with staff shortages (in particular due to the current NHS Track & Trace system which I am sure you are all aware of), and are finding it difficult to fulfil your orders ourselves.

However all is not lost! Borough Market have an online partner called Good Sixty. They are a lovely and very experienced online specialist food retailer. You can find out more about them here.

You will be able to order our full range of fudge Gift Pouches with them here. As well as being able to order lots of other delicious foods from our friends and neighbours at Borough Market.

We know that some of you are fans of our ‘Pick and Mix’ boxes, which will not be available with Good Sixty due to the operational complexity of managing so many flavours. If you would like to order one of these you can contact us directly at

We will be sending any orders for our ‘Pick and Mix’ boxes out on Fridays, so you will need to contact us by Thursday of that week with your request.

Thank you for supporting us as we try and navigate this tricky time.

Sweetest wishes,
Justine and the Whirld Team

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