For as long as I can remember I have loved crumbly fudge, something that had seemingly become much harder to find.  That was until a couple of years ago I happened upon Whirld fudge in Borough Market.  The best fudge I’ve ever had without a doubt, especially if like me you enjoy that crumbly texture.  My weekly walk through Borough market on my way to meetings now had a compulsory stop for my small weekend treat. The pandemic put a stop to that for awhile, thankfully it is possible to order online delivery.

Rum n raisin, clotted cream, cinnamon, toffee, and maple were the top of my leader board (I can be a creature of habit), but last weekend I tried their coconut fudge, wow! That now has the top spot, the taste and texture is just sublime. I was on the train home when I took a cheeky nibble and almost got off and headed back for more.

I no longer need to go through Borough market on a weekly basis as all meetings these days are virtual but I do make a special journey now and again for a treat, in my head the trek there burns some calories and is not something I can do too often.

If you like fudge you’ve got to pay them a visit in Borough Market, you will not regret it. I rarely write reviews but they’re really good.

E. Daley – London

My son bought some of their fudge from Borough Market-I ate most of it as it was so delicious (much to his disappointment) Anyway Whirld very kindly allowed me to purchase a pouch online for delivery even though the flavour was not part of their pouch choices. I chose also clotted cream. They are to die for…absolutely delicious and customer service is out of this world. Superbly packaged and delivery was super speedy. I will definitely buy from Whirld again.

E. Moore – UK

My favourite stall at Borough Market – fudge was the best I’ve ever had and the wide range of flavours means even picky people like myself can find their match! Thank you for the great customer service too. 🙂 

A. Jigar Andrabi – Harrow

Hands down, the best fudge I have ever had! So many different flavours and so tasty, served with a lovely smile.

S. Prole – UK

Epic Fudge!! This is the best liquorice fudge I have ever had. It is perfectly flavoured with the perfect fudge consistency.

E. Alter – London