Time For Treating, Not Tricking.

As with most things this year, Halloween 2020 will be like no other. It’s difficult to stay positive when so many things have been restricted or cancelled. But that’s not a reason to despair, as you can still treat yourself by ordering some of our delicious fudges online. Anyway, who wants to go out in the cold, dark night, knocking on doors for your treats, when you can order them from the comfort of your own home?

And we have the perfect fudge to help you celebrate. None other than our ‘Bat Wing’ special! Favoured by witches and warlocks across the country. Sorry, we got a bit carried away there…but our Salted Liquorice fudge does definitely look the part, and it goes without saying, is absolutely delicious. 

You will find it, and many other enticing flavours, as part of our new ‘Pick and Mix Mega Boxes’ here.

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